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How the 2020 Pandemic Inspired Me to Take My Side Hustle to the Next Level

Back in August of 2019 I launched an online boutique selling clothing and accessories. My offerings were part of a small curated collection of items I’d found during my travels. Shortly after launching the online store and enjoying a fair amount of success, I began receiving ideas and visions about expanding the store. The vision was somewhat unclear and fragmented. It would come in pieces, almost like a puzzle baring the faces of women who seemed very familiar to me. Mostly brown-skinned women and girls who wore the look of youth on their faces but carried the timeless style, energy and wisdom of a thousand ages. We were all building something together. It wasn’t the first time I’d received a vision or idea. I get them all the time. This vision however, was different. There was something about it that felt and looked bigger than my usual inner visions. More than that, there was a different feel that accompanied the vision.  
The need to know more and further explore the idea felt stronger than it had in times past.  When I would ask for clarity in my prayers and meditation, a series of – call them “related” signs would show up in my daily experience that were  undeniable. Occurences I’d be foolish to write off as mere coincidence or happenstance. I was very intrigued but struggled to understand how the fragmented parts of my vision fit together to form a complete picture. Then I recalled a passage I’d read somewhere that said, you don’t need to have all of the answers, just get started. The answers will come.” I knew then that I needn’t concern myself with the outcome nor the reason. I was stimulated by a challenge which felt similar to the sort that comes with putting together a puzzle. For my part, I was to pay close attention and listen. The rest of the pieces would reveal themselves in time. 
2020 A Vision for Transformation Brunch
2020: The Year of Perfect Vision

They say it’s darkest just before the dawn. If there is any truth to the saying, we can only pray we’ve seen the worst as 2020 had us see some pretty dark moments. . Either way, I’m claiming it. Better days are ahead. Period!

Thinking back, the New Year started off with a bang. For so many it felt like it was going to be a magnificent year. I was several weeks out from hosting a women’s empowerment brunch, the website build was going well and I even had my sights set on the perfect launch date. 2020 was starting off fruitful and inspiring. By all accounts it was forecasted to be an epic year for women.

We had all gotten the memo, felt pumped and were off to the races. We would however, be called back to the starting blocks, abruptly and shortly after the first of many devastating blows.  -I like most, remember exactly where I was, and who I was with when we heard the news…. “Yo! Ya’ll heard what happened to Kobe?”


Public Enemy’s 13th Studio Album title sums up 2020 perfectly. Man Plans, God Laughs. Allegedly the group’s frontrunner Chuck D. was inspired by a story he’d heard from basketball great Dr. J. -One that invoked the sentiment, “stay humble”. 2020 has indeed been, among other things,  humbling. Few among us knew the wild ride we were in for. The next few months played out like an unbelievable, science-fiction fantasy-thriller, horror movie.

Though it seemed the future had become more uncertain than ever, there was something else happening and it felt refreshing. I was spending more time at home, with family. I was learning to adapt. And I now had even more time to really manifest the vision. It hadn’t completely disappeared. It simply went out of focus for a time. Time enough for plenty of self-reflection and several adjustments to accommodate the “new normal”. There were so many lessons to learn during this time of isolation. Perhaps the most poignant for me has been, no matter what, you keep going. Times will get tough. But you   find a way to keep building and keep moving forward.

I BELIEVE in building a foundation of GOOD HABITS, the importance of community development and having each other’s back. She’s Got A Habit was created because we are stronger together – We Got This! 

Malinda Williams


Malinda shares inspiration for SGAH with Rolling Out beauty editor, Tie Cooper.



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