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Shop • Pray • Love

Ways to Support the community


Giving is one of the best habits we know. It delivers benefits to both the giver and the receiver. That’s why we’ve made it a staple habit of our business to donate a portion of each transaction to a different non-profit organization each month. You can also shop a list of specfic products generously donated by our vendors, from which 100% of the profit goes directly to charity.


We are always accepting prayers, well wishes, and good vibes. Feel free to quietly offer a kind thought or click the button below to let us know how you feel!


There are plenty of worthy causes and orgs that would be blessed by our support, so we’ve put together a list. Go ahead and make a choice and share your love.

Just want to donate?

We are a self-funded, small business doing what we do out of love for the community.

Your support toward basic startup and operational costs is greatly appreciated.