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A Gift for You


Breaking Bad Habits

Excerpt: A large part of breaking a habit is looking ourselves in the mirror and simply deciding that it’s time. But first, you have to want to change. Action without desire is the same as faith without works.  Discover how you can be in control of allowing or dis-allowing things into your experience. If you put your mind to it, you can do anything!


The Naturalpreneur’s guide to creating your own digital products

Get insightful tips and information from successful Naturalpreneurs on how to build a lucrative business. Get focused, get organized, get rid of the failure mindset, and create a detailed plan of how to monetize what you do online. “Naturalpreneur’s Guide To Creating Your Own Digital Products” MP3 Masterclass.


Official Babe Magazine


Issue 002: Get the low down on how you can go from existing to living a life full of purpose and intentionality. We’re featuring Alicia Nicole, founder of Living Over Existing who’s giving you insight on how she began living the life of her dreams. Also, find recipes, inspiration, must-haves and other resources to help you live your best girl boss life!